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The Snow Queen

“It was the first ballet my daughter and I have attended and we were absolutely thrilled and enchanted with the quality of the dancers, costumes and the stage. We will most definitely be attending again”.

Carmen Morrell
(3 October 2009)

“This ballet is the most spectacular ever for BCYB. Amazing costumes and stunning sets. How can you top this? The dancers were wonderful. The Eastern palace was truly special and I just loved the Gypsy dances. Please find a way to use the reindeer in the Nutcracker”.

R. Egeskov
(28 September, 2009)

“My daughter & I felt very privileged to enjoy such a wonderful performance on Sunday 27th September. The standard of the performance was exceptional. We also enjoyed the opportunity to meet with the dancers after the performance. We look forward to seeing the Nutcracker next year. Thank you to everyone involved”.

Jodie & Karen Hammermeister
(28 September, 2009)

“My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Great costumes, scenery and story telling”.

Debra Watt
(28 September, 2009)

“A beautiful, professional production. I just had to watch it twice”.

Rowena Chapman
(27 October, 2009)

“I was amazed at the ability of so many young and talented dancers at BCYB’s recent performance of the Snow Queen. I could tell that every dancer was dancing to their full potential and the choreography was spectacular! I extend my congratulations to each and every dedicated member of such an outstanding ballet company, as well as the faculty behind the scenes. The Snow Queen was a joy to watch ~ such an exciting performance! I loved the Ice Maidens, while my sisters were blown away by the Eastern Summer Palace Princess. Thank you for great entertainment!”

M. Conwell
(27 October, 2009)


“Thank you for an outstanding performance of Cinderella. I travelled 20 000 Km to see my granddaughter dance for the first time. In my mind I thought it would be 'nice' but I never expected anything so professional from a youth ballet company. The props, the choreography and the young dancers were all marvellous. Thank you so much”.

Lisbeth Andersson
(18 October 2008)

“I attended the ballet’s performance of ‘Cinderella’ last Saturday. I wish to congratulate everyone for such a wonderful show – I found it hard to believe the dancers where school age and I sincerely hope some can make it as a career, especially the boy who was the prince. I look forward to your 2009 show. Thank you for a lovely afternoon”.

R. Bowles
(2 October 2008)

“Absolutely Amazing!! A spectacular performance. The dancers captured the spirit of Cinderella perfectly. Congratulations on an excellent performance!”.

Madalyn Conwell
(28 September 2008)

“The boys were, athletic, strong and graceful. I am amazed that many are still children. You must consider re-running it at Christmas time. I believe you will receive a huge audience and many repeat attendees. Congratulations all on a stunning production. We loved the stars”.

Roxanne Egeskov
(28 September 2008)

Sleeping Beauty

“In 2006 I heard about your production of the Nutcracker so organized for 2 of my grand-daughters who live in Coffs Harbour to attend. We all loved it and my younger grand-daughter was constantly asking about your show for this year. This year we also included my 2 grand-daughters who live in Bundaberg. After Sleeping Beauty my youngest grand-daughter asked as we walked back to the car –‘I wonder what they will do next year’. Looks like this will be an annual event for us even though they all have to travel considerable distances. Thanks for the opportunity to see such good young talent”.

Sandra Greenwood
(4 October, 2007)

“I took my 3 year old daughter to see Sleeping Beauty on Tuesday, and I just wanted to tell you that we really enjoyed the show. I was most impressed by the professionalism of the show as well as the confidence and technical ability of the dancers. Well done to everyone involved and we will certainly be attending future performances”.

Melissa Bright
(3 October 2007)


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